Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Beginning

98kg. That's what I have to admit to in public, 98kg. There is no amount of beautiful clothing, jewellery, accessories or freshly blow dried hair that can disguise this fact. Worse still its not the heaviest I have been!
I am always putting others before myself. People always tell me I do to much, give too much time, don't take time for myself. I help out at school ALOT, I'm registrar for the local footy club, I'm there for my 80yr old nan when she needs me, I'm studying Education Support online (occasionally-when I get time!) and the other stuff like getting three rowdy boys up and off to school, driving them to footy training, games, nippers &swimming. Then theres the mundane ritual of cooking, cleaning & washing. When time permits I create dress jewellery for my online business - more a hobby then a business.....and on and on and on. Of course NONE of these jobs are paid ones...The good old volunteer!

I'm screwed though I am the product of my parents others before yourself, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, do unto others etc etc.  Great philosophies, so bloody great they have been ingrained on my conscious - I CANT SAY NO!!!!
You see if I don't do these volunteer jobs, then who does?? Not others, they're way busier than me - apparently!

If I'm not there to lend a hand, to help someone in need, to ease the strain on the kindy teacher, to teach a small person to read or count to ten and watch there eyes light up at there achievement, support my boys football passion, run a tidy house with fresh cooked meals for my family (well most days)THEN WHAT KIND OF PERSON DOES THAT MAKE ME???

Problem is I have not 'neglected' but maybe pushed myself to the side and just done the best with what I have, and I've got a bonus 33kg to show for it -
 Lucky me!

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