Tuesday, 17 January 2012

12WBT - Task 1

So day one of Michelle Bridges 12WBT was yesterday.
Task one was revealed: Introduce Yourself.
Easy peasy, just write a couple of sentences about your life; name, family, age, where you live, work etc etc.

NO!! I had to go and have one of my brainiac ideas didn't I.
I was going to 'Vlog' it! What a dick!

Stunning Screen Shot
Seriously if there is video camera, iphone or camera pointed within 4ft of me I'm out of there!
So why not record myself, talking to myself for a million
strangers to check out ?????

This is my first ever blog and now I decide to do my first ever you tube video.
It wasn't so bad, I did about 3 recordings and then posted...unedited.
 (Because I don't know how to!)
Within about an hour I had received
my very first 'creepy' comment -
Yay for me!
I stopped trying to decipher this first line
"If you get any any better looking we'll have to sell you"
I really think its best if  I stop trying to gain an understanding of it, too many weird scenarios keep popping up!
Just hope the 35 views are not all from him...aaargh!!!

Anyway I am actually feeling pretty proud of myself for stepping waaayyy out and over my comfort zone...no matter how weird it was talking to myself -
(the boys just rolled their eyes " why are YOU doing that ")
 I won't let them watch it - they'll laugh LOL!
I sat there and CRINGED while Matt watched it though -
to his credit he didn't laugh or make a joke
.....(he knew WAY better)!! 
 I love him xx

Task one complete.

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  1. Hi Mhiki, just thought i would pop in and say "hi" this is my 1st time doing 12WBT too :) I'm from NZ but moving to Brisbane in march with my DH and 2x DS. Look forward to seeing your progress :)